Why Cannaliz ?



To agree with what one thinks, is an essential factor to find a reason for our existence.


We are and have been throughout our lives, channeled on themes, theories, beliefs. Whether they belong to us or not.

Likewise, our body has followed these paths that are sometimes harmful to our balance, directly influencing our genes and our predispositions.

At Cannaliz, we do not see man as a machine, but as a living being with a story of its own, behind its current needs.


Cannabis emotions


The concept of Cannaliz is like a journey towards a direction that is unique to you, you refocus on a state that is your nature of things, without guilt, without making yourself a victim of what you are.

Finding inner peace, as we often say, will bring about a situation of emotional balance which will be your best regenerative source.

More conventionally, cannabis has always been this symbol of coolness, from Bob Marley to hippies and this link to joints that we can find comical or outdated today, is not totally insignificant!

Less anchoring to “drama”, still being lucid about our mental activity, but in a detached and unconcerned way.

Feeling things more lightly will do your body and metabolism a world of good.



By Cannaliz each oil, each composition or each ratio between CBD and THC, will be able to meet your needs, depending on your past experience with the use of cannabis, or according to the indications that you have been given.

The product line can seem complex, especially if you are just starting out. Do not hesitate to consult a specialized doctor or consult adequate information, on the SSCM website, for example.



Finally, know that at Cannaliz there is no long distribution channel or unprofessional marketing chains.
Cannaliz, thanks to its professional knowledge, collaborates directly with Swiss laboratories, selected for their specific skills in the field of cannabis.





Enjoy our products and feel free for any request !