CBD oil

CBD oil of Switzerland with specific ratio of THC.

Cannaliz CBD oil Switzerland since 2013

Since 2013, Cannaliz offers a wide range of CBD oil produced in a Swiss laboratory.

We formulate the best ingredients extracted directly from cannabis flowers.

Moreover, we also give you some advice on the dosages of CBD and THC oil.

Or we will simply inform you directly, by telephone or e-mail, of the type of product that will suit you best.

Personalised CBD oil

We go to great lengths to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our products.

Provide a personalised product, the best quality customer service with free delivery in Switzerland.

We are here 7/7 days to answer all your questions and concerns.

We are completely dedicated to helping our customers learn more about CBD oil and how they might fit into your life.

About CBD (cannabidiol)

Firstly, CBD is the second substance found in cannabis which contains more than 80 different cannabinoids.

Secondly, it including more than 200 terpenes, sequiterpenes (essential oils) and flavonoids.

Most people are familiar with THC, which is the substance in cannabis also responsible for its psychoactive effect.

Unlike THC, CBD does not have a psychoactive effect.

CBD has anti-psychoactive effects and counteracts the effects of THC.

The Swiss law on public health (OFSP) prohibits any medical claims regarding the effects of CBD.

Each case is unique and each has a different purpose for using CBD.

Therefore, we encourage you here to consult your doctor, for a specific use.

What is CBD ?

What is CBD ?   Short for “cannabidiol”, is a natural substance from cannabis or hemp. CBD have feel-good or medical effects : from anxiety to inflammation, the complexity of its effects is still under investigation. Cannabidiol does not have any significant side effects except for relaxing the body on the majority or effecting the liver if …
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How to dose CBD oil ?

How to dose CBD oil ? – Individualization of treatment Consider all the parameters that medicine uses, on the basis of many years of study and an equally long period of clinical practice. The same system applies to the vast majority of pharmaceutical products used today: – the doses depends on weight in the case …
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Cannabis CBD:THC Ratios

What is cannabis CBD:THC ratio ?  Historically, cannabis naturally had varying ratios of CBD:THC. Even before the legalization of cannabis, breeders were focused on maximizing the amount of THC in their plants as the focus became more recreational. However, as we explore the emerging awareness around CBD. And as CBD grows in popularity across the country, more breeders are now creating strains with diverse CBD:THC ratios to meet …
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