CBD (Cannabidiol) is been recognized for its calming and channeling effects. This molecule provides many applications in the field of well-being for people that are: stressed, anxious, dispersed, agitated, and much more. Our blog is there to explain you all about it in simple terms; remember CBD Cannabidiol.

With CBD, you are calm, realigned with yourself, and gain serenity. It’s a 100% natural extract, accessible to everyone. Cannaliz provides CBD eliquid and vape pen, CBD oil, CBD Dab Wax, as well as CBD rich dried cannabis flowers. Enjoy the natural taste and feel the benefits of our very fine hemp extractions.

Depending on your needs, choose your mood; identify the mood that's best for the situation you want to be in.


met and exceeded my expectations

The moment I opened the container and put my nose up to the flowers I smelled a pleasant familiar pine and floral notes . The flowers do look like a good example of a Sativa dominance strain harvested at the right time. When rolled and smoked it is vary smooth almost neutral so it is easy to take large pulls with out any cough. The feeling is the as if my focus and attention is enhanced , definitely a anti-inflammatory effect with no change in perception of time loss or change in memory making it grate to consume during the day to improve my ability to move around and be motivated to handle the daily challenges of life. I like knowing what I am consuming is !00% organic swiss made. No more guessing what it is or where it comes form or what is in it.

I am glad I did decide to order Fedora form Cannaliz , this product met and exceeded my expectations.

I enjoy the 7- 18% pre filled cartridges and will do thoughtful review once they are empty but so far they are for me amazing.

Thankful for the access

Jason Switzerland

people should get the information that this product exist #FedoraCannabisFlowers

I think people should get the information that this product exist, I discovered it last week randomly and I m In love with it, being able to be chill, relaxed knowing you are not using thc is nice and I m motivate to implement this weed in my usage so that I consume less thc,


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