Cannabis Vape THC:CBD 90-90 (delivery from December 5)

34.90 CHF inc. VAT

Contains total 90mg THC and 90mg CBD


  • Cannabis extract with Propylene Glycol 70% / Vegetal Glycerine 30%.

Laboratory tested ISO17025:2017

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Cannabis Vape THC 90mg and CBD 90mg – by Cannaliz

Contain 10 [ml], with approximately* 0.9% THC and 0.9% CBD (cannabidiol), made from organic cannabis sativa extract from Switzerland.


*for low concentration extracts, contains may vary till 10% from publication, according to accuracy’s standards.

Ships to Switzerland only


Avoid contact during pregnancy and while nursing.

Get medical advice/attention for better use, or  if you feel unwell.


Keep out of reach of children.

Protect from sunlight. Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep cool. Refrigerate after opening.

Safety Data Sheet:

SDS Cannaliz CBD:THC oils