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Cannaliz is pleased to launch Weedstick olfactorymade from extraction from native cannabis essential oil from specific strains (varieties of cannabis).

You can breathe Weedstick like a joint, or smell it to enjoy the scents, you will instantly appreciate this new approach of cannabis essential oil consumption method !

Weedstick generate different mood feelings without psychoactive effect. Essential oils content will be present at different levels offering therefore other scents and effects, depending of cannabis strain.

Weedstick is super convenient, as you can take it on the go, place in purse, at your bedside, use on the plane, on your commute, at work station… anywhere you may appreciate a Weedstick boost.

It’s smokeless and vapeless, it doesn’t bother anyone and, last but not least, it’s completely safe.

  • Cannabis strain: TRIANGLE KUSH (Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush)
  • Aromatic notes: EARTHY – FUEL – LEMON

With a very pungent and sour lemon, earthy, and pine-like flavor, as well as undertones of diesel and traditional grassy marijuana, Triangle Kush is sure to make your Weedstick break a pleasant moment in a whole new way.

So overall, if you are looking for a boost in your creativity, a moment of relaxation and euphoria, this strain could meet your expectation.


  • Stock will be regularly renewed and updated.
  • For some strains, only low quantities could be available, since some strains batches are rare in essential oil distillation.
  • Some prices may vary, based on production prices from specific cannabis strain.

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Additional information

Use tip

Think 5-5-5 when using Weedstick.
-Count to 5 while inhaling in,
-count to 5 while holding breath,
-count to 5 while exhaling.
Feel, explore how emotions interact within you.


The essential oils are very volatile and delicate, they are living substances, expressing the aromatic power of the plant.
For this reason, the manufacturing of Weedstick must be handled with care to have the faster service possible from production to consumer.
It works exactly like fresh fruits.
Freshness is essential and direct sale is the unique way to satisfy this criteria.
Consequently, you will only find Weedstick on this website. Being the source of production we shall be able to meet client’s expectation regarding quality.
Due to the very low yield of cannabis essential oil batch, availability for each Weedstick’s strain will be limited in quantity.


– x cannabis indica (85% indica/15%sativa) essential oil distillate (100+ natural native cannabis terpenes).
Only pure and organic cannabis essential oil.

and CBD ?

Weedstick does not contains CBD or THC, since essential oils are volatile and cannabinoids (CBD, THC,…) are not.
For some factors, Weedstick can replace CBD or can be used before, to increase the effectiveness of CBD due to synergism.

cannabis & introspection

The understanding of how our emotions are generated and affect us, what trigger them and how we react to them could be of great help to keep our mind and body healthy. On the opposite of taking a pill, aiming at short term effects, a good understanding of our emotions with cannabis essential oils, offers long term benefits.


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