Cannaliz CBD Booster 100

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COMPLETE FORMULA ( CBD + essential oil )

  • Keep in mind that:

    CBD Booster 100 acts as a booster for CBD diffusion
    100% wholeness cannabis, respecting the equity of what the original plant brings.
    To be used separately or before our CBD oils, in any case, the assembly of native essential oils will improve CBD diffusion.

The extraction process used for CBD Booster 100 design, does not cover CBD only, but also quite a wide range of more delicate molecules present in the essentials oils, such as mono-terpenes, flavonoids, alcohols, esters, etc., which are more or less degraded when using CBD conventional extraction methods, like ethanol RSO or CO2 supercritical.

Our final product will be lower in cannabinoids content, but will keep the whole spectrum of others molecules present in the essentials oils, offering an incomparable aromatic profile and allowing an optimal synergism between the different components.


Check below to better understanding:


Due to their small amount, these volatiles are often very difficult to qualify and quantify by common analytical methods (HC, GC-MS, NIR, NMR).

And last, but not least, CBD Booster 100 extraction process doesn’t contain any trace of residual solvent.

CBD Booster 100 maximises native plant substances wholeness.

The focus “quality instead of quantity” takes here its full meaning.

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Additional information

Weight 65 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 11 cm
Product Range



» 20ml = 400 drops.
» Shake before use.
» 1 drop (1/20[ml]) = 1mg CBD.
» Store in dark, dry, cold place.

Extraction Technique



» olive oil
» cannabis sativa fresh infused extract (~5%)
» 100% organic
» CBD: ~2% (400mg) THC:~0.1%


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