CBD flowers – Mango Haze

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Discover our new flowers production with our local growing partner in Geneva.

Only best choice quality with 2 different cannabis chemotypes available. Limonene chemotype in Lemon Haze for his punchy effect, and Myrcene chemotype in Mango Haze flowers for a more relaxing effect.

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CBD flowers – Mango Haze

-Cannabis sativa CT myrcene*

-Organically cultivated in Greenhouse

-5 months carefully cured

CBD: 21.9%

THC: 0.80%

*Myrcene is a monoterpene. These are one of the simplest families of terpenes. Myrcene can be found in cannabis, but is also found in mango, bay leaves, thyme, cardamom, hops and several other plants.

Myrcene has been shown to have sedating properties as well as anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relieving) properties and a muscle relaxant. This study was made into the effects of Myrcene as a sedative. The research group studied Mice and found Myrcene acted as a motor (muscle) relaxant and sedative. Myrcene also affected sleep, it didn’t cause sleep onset any earlier than usual, but it did increase sleep duration. For some medical cannabis users, a relaxing body stone followed by good quality sleep can be extremely valuable.

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Mango Haze

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