CBD flowers – Lemon Haze

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Discover our new flowers production with our local growing partner in Geneva.

Only best choice quality with 2 different cannabis chemotypes available. Limonene chemotype in Lemon Haze for his punchy effect, and Myrcene chemotype in Mango Haze flowers for a more relaxing effect.

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CBD flowers – Lemon Haze

-Cannabis sativa CT limonene*

-Organically cultivated in Greenhouse

-5 months carefully cured

CBD: 21.3%

THC: 0.94%

*With a delicious zesty citrus aroma, Limonene is a cannabis terpene produced in the trichome resin glands.

Limonene is also found in citrus plants, especially in the rind (skin) of the fruit. Oranges, lemons and limes contain limonene in the rind.

Limonene is also found in peppermint, rosemary and juniper.

Herbalists have recommended limonene for those with anxiety, depression, inflammation, and pain. It is said to give a mood lift and relieve stress.

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Lemon Haze

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