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Cannaliz Santhica Dried Cannabis Flowers
Santhica | Cannaliz dried Cannabis flowers | 5g (for Switzerland Only)

CBD Flowers: Terpenes and CBDa / CBD rich dried sativa dominant Cannabis flowers 5 [g], from organically produced Cannabis sativa flowers, greenhouse, from Switzerland.

This carefully selected Cannabis strain is high in CBD (cannabidiol) and low in THC.

»CBD/A >10%, THC/A <1% (see box for exact %)

»comes with a UV resistant box, recyclable

»only ships to Switzerland, revers#3046

»in Switzerland, this product is taxed 25% of retail price, as a plant based tobacco substitute. Vaporization should be encouraged over smoking.

»when available in stock usually ships within 1-2 business days; if not directly available, “Out of stock” or “Available on backorder” would appear here

46.60 CHF inc. VAT/TVA/MWST
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