cannabis and the power of introspection

with "Introspection" Cannaliz offers more than just products; in fact, terpene profiles allow each person a different way, specific to each person, to find their balance. We would like to bring a different, more humane and personalized perspective, based on the differences of each person to react and behave in front of a given factor. Determining each external element that can interact on internal human behaviour seems to us to be essential, rather than generalizing products on specific factors.

To approach the different aspects of the personality of the human being we opt for a trinary interpretation of his mode of functioning, based on the functional approach of the human being:

emotional (FEEL), mental (THINK), physical (ACT)

Indeed, the functional trinity of man is broken down as follows: heart, intellect, will; we love, think and want, we feel, reflect, and act. Our feelings are the expression of our emotions, our thoughts that of our intellect, and our actions that of our will.

Well-being is a harmonious state of mind, emotions and body.

When the mind is alert, feelings work and the body functions effectively. By learning to understand and recognize what makes us vulnerable and what makes us feel good, we can make lifestyle changes that restore and strengthen well-being.

The terpenes present in cannabis have the properties to be able to balance these 3 characteristics of human well-being.

And since each cannabis variety has its own values, in terms of quality and quantity of terpenes, each variety has its properties in balancing the 3 factors that are mental, emotional and physical, in humans.

CBD introspection Think Feel Act Cannaliz CBD introspection Think Feel Act Cannaliz CBD introspection Think Feel Act Cannaliz

Functional trinity of man:

after P. Mailhebiau and his analog triangle.

Cannaliz therefore proposes ways for everyone to search for what is deep within themselves through introspection.

Beyond a molecule or a product, we are convinced that well-being is the key to balance.

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Cannaliz Introspection