CBD will change the world

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CBD: three letters that will revolutionize e-cigarette

In a few years, e-cigarettes have been able to gain good market shares, with a global market estimated in 2015 to almost $ 50 billion. If the success of electronic cigarettes is due in large part to the absence of smoke inhalation – a practice notoriously noxious and carcinogenic – recent studies have been able to attract the attention of consumers on the critical importance of e-liquid used for the production of steam. The consumer is now warned: all e-liquids are not of equal quality. The dosage, the quality and the choice of ingredients can have a direct impact on the health of the e-smoker, which are now aware of the risks and willing to use quality products. In this context, a new product may well bring some change.

A new generation of e-liquid is coming out: e-liquids made from cannabidiol. Cannabidiol, or CBD, could well be the solution to the debate on the legalization of cannabis for medical use: this component of cannabis has indeed been identified as being at the origin of many therapeutic benefits of cannabis, with anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory or well yet neuroprotective. Already used by the medical field for pain management as well as in the treatment of epilepsy, CBD is also being considered for applications in the fight against cancer or neurological diseases.

Therapeutic properties, okay, but what about side effects? Precisely: if cannabidiol arouses a lot of interest both among health professionals and the general public, it is because of its 100% natural components. With Cannabidiol it is possible to obtain the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the unwanted side effects; all of is 100% legal. CBD is not considered as a drug, so it can be consumed legally. In this context, it is not surprising to see that cannabidiol made its appearance on the market of the e-cigarette.

But then, is it some kind of e-joint? The answer is definitely no: due to very low levels of THC in these e-liquids (THC is the substance producing the psychoactive cannabis effects). But to replace nicotine by a secondary component with powerful medicinal properties without side effects does not seem a bad idea, and these e-liquids made from cannabidiol may be the beginnings of a paradigm shift. Coming soon: smocking will good for health? Stay tuned.

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