CBD eliquids 101

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Today’s issue related to nicotine in eliquids

Electronic cigarette could become used more widespread. Indeed, it is not yet recognized by physicians as a official mean to a decision of weaning off addictions; simply because most of the eliquids on the market today contain nicotine. Scientific studies which looked at the effects of smoking an ecig in the human body conclude however that the smoke emitted from an electronic cigarette is less toxic than tobacco (from a traditional cigarette). This could gradually lead to make any traditional cigarette obsolete. The purpose of smoking an e-cigarette is to wean off such dependence or addiction. It is in this respect that today, eliquids are extremely interesting product to try.


There are addictions to tobacco or various narcotic drugs, for example cannabis smoked in the form of a joint. Researchers wondered if, by decreasing the dose in the vaporized fluids, smokers could enter a phase of withdrawal. It seems that it is not possible with cannabis! They determined that the adverse effects of cannabis are due to a molecule active, psychotropic, tetra-hydro-cannabinol or THC. The latter raises a receiver worn by our brain and immune cells. It is responsible for red eyes and drowsiness, the sensation of fatigue and euphoria, inattention and modification of sensory perceptions. It is the cause of dry throat and the feeling of hunger. It causes psychosis and the drunkenness of the drug. With the CBD based products, the idea is to isolate and suppress THC from the eliquid.

CBD is Smoking cannabis… without cannabis!

That way has been developed products with cannabidiol or CBD which do not contain any, or very little trace of THC. CBD is one of the major constituents of cannabis, present in nearly half of its extracts. An interesting point has been found: when put in identical proportions with THC, it has the property to offset the effects of THC. It could therefore provide to users of the eliquid a natural protection against the psychoactive effects of cannabis and allow them to fight against the intoxicating effects of THC, particularly memory disorders and paranoid behavior.

To a cigarette who cures?

It is not difficult to foresee what purpose the electronic cigarette will serve in the future, and what will be the purpose of eliquids in tomorrow’s society. CBD already enters the composition of many dietary supplements in the USA to address anxiety and insomnia. It is currently used in medicine for various indications: relief from seizures and inflammation as well as nausea, but also fight against cancer cells growth inhibition. It has shown its effectiveness as an anti-psychotic in the treatment of schizophrenia. It could also apply for epilepsy and have happy effects on symptoms of dystonia. The cigarette will eventually treat?

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