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weedstick  « feel your love »
weedstick « feel your love »

Cannaliz is pleased to launch Weedstick olfactorymade from extraction from native cannabis essential oil from specific strains (varieties of cannabis).

Weedstick generate different mood feelings, depending of cannabis strain, meaning their specific biosynthesis. Essential oils content will be present at different levels offering therefore other scents and effects.

Weedstick is super convenient, as you can take it on the go, place in purse, at your bedside, use on the plane, on your commute, at work station… anywhere you may appreciate a Weedstick boost.

It’s smokeless and vapeless, it doesn’t bother anyone and, last but not least, it’s completely safe.

  • Cannabis strain: ICE CREAM CAKE ( Wedding Cake x Gelato #33 )
  • Aromatic notes: CREAMYNUTTYFLORAL

Ice Cream Cake strain has naturally a sweet doughy vanilla odour, followed by dairy, creamy undertones and a slight lingering nuttiness.

Smell of essential oil provides a deeply peaceful relaxing moment, with cheering-up and euphoric benefit.

Perfect for creative endeavours as well as overall well-being.


  • Stock will be regularly renewed and updated.
  • For some strains, only little quantities will be available, since some strain batches are low in essential oil crop.
  • Some prices may vary, based on production prices from specific cannabis strain.
19.90 CHF TVA inc.
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