Cannabis & Introspection

May 24, 2021

how to use cannabis in order to get a better self-understanding?

Do you know that our emotions and our thoughts are strongly linked with chemical processes ?

Many of those chemicals (mostly hormones) are generated unconsciously and determine our mood and behaviour.

However we can have an influence on what is generated in our body by different means, having a nice walk in the mountain, breathing some fresh air on the seashore, such a meditation, or by taking specific substances.

Since our emotions may be the cause of some troubles, we believe that going to the source of them is essential for wellbeing.

We’re thinking, feeling and acting through our emotions that generates chemicals, and this is

what defines our behaviour and consequently and ultimately, our health.

The understanding of how our emotions are generated and affect us, what trigger them and how we react to them could be of great help to keep our mind and body healthy.

“On the opposite of taking a pill, aiming at short term effects, a good understanding of our emotions provided by cannabis essential oils, offers long term benefits”

In other words, a clear understanding of our emotions will generate different thoughts and, by extension, other kind of actions, our whole behavior will take another direction.

Cannabis essential oils have their own specific character, due to the molecules composing the active principles of the plant. Many of these molecules can be found in other plants, very well know by herborists and aromatherapists, such as linalool in sage, limonene in citrus, alpha-pinene in pine, for example.

We were inspired by the work of the french author Philippe Mailhebiau (New Aromatherapy, édition Jarcin, 1994) claiming that molecules are linked with 4 basic elements, from which all chemicals come.

Fire – Air – Water – Earth

Fire is not precisely linked with any of them, as it is present in the whole. Fire is considered as the active and conscious force, which gives birth to being. It is a fixing principle, scheduler, organizer, planner. Fire is generated by the sun and comes into plants by means of photons inducing photosynthesis.

Mental ( Air ) > We think
Emotional ( Water ) > We feel

Physical ( Earth )>  We act

Balance of : Air – Water – Earth  ( Fire ) > We are 

When the elements Air – Water – Earth are not in harmony, the Fire can create damage. On the other hand, when these elements are in harmony, Fire remains temperate and ensures the maintenance of the whole and well-being.

Amongst all these different approaches, we are offering a range of essential oils products from cannabis, as we think that they can support us in the understanding of our emotions and by consequently modify the perception our life on a long term basis.

WEEDSTICK and the olfactory system.

We all know the extraordinary olfactory power of cannabis plants due to essential oils, then focus on cannabis scents make real sense.

The first thing that arrives in our head, when we say or even only think “cannabis”, is the scent remembering.

From the work mentioned above, establishing a correlation between molecules and elements, we can establish how they will act on the elements that constitute our being. Plant air with human air, plant water with human water, plant earth with human earth.

As for cannabis essential oil and its olfactory power, we were able to establish the following correlations, as well as their interactions with our emotions.

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